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Evoking the essence of Salacia, female divinity of the sea, Frank McKinney has seductively summoned her fiery passion from the depths and splashed it across the sun-drenched canvas at 19 Tropical Drive, Ocean Ridge, Florida.
A swirling tonic of evocative oceanscape and harmonious rhythm wash over you as you enter Salacia. This poetic masterpiece engulfs you in the shimmering calm and elusive details found only in the sea.


Indefinitely Wild

Salacia‘s playfully shifting moods are encouraged

by color theory at its absolute finest – as each room is

equipped with unique broad-spectrum lighting that can

be customized at the touch of a button or app.


Sunken Treasure

The kitchen countertops won’t be found anywhere else,
as thousands of pieces of seaglass were harvested from beaches around
the world, melted down and placed into a custom mold that resembles
the undulating sea bottom sand created by warm Caribbean currents.


The living reef, with its 38 living creatures,

provides alluring entertainment as it glows in a

variety of colors with control from an app. The most

enticing feature is the tank’s “storm mode.” Watch the

environment darken as the storm clouds roll in, while

intense flashing lights simulate lighting.


“It replicates a storm that you’d find in the middle of the ocean,” says McKinney.


Female Divinity
of the Sea...

Vicinity to the beach and Atlantic Ocean is desirable and present,
a mere 345+/- feet away from the cresting azure blue waves.

Effortlessly breathe in the salty air from the outdoor Brazilian hardwood
decks as you invite tranquility into your day with peeks of the
glistening waters from your second level balcony.



Intoxicate your senses as you experience this sensational home – run your fingertips along the unparalleled seaglass countertops; flex your feet on the lush, white wool deep shag carpeting of the master suite; listen to the pulsating aquarium waters; hypnotize your eyes on the various sea life-esque chandeliers; and feast on epicurean delights in your chef’s kitchen.



Frank McKinney has flawlessly demonstrated the ease of luxury beachside living with Salacia.
His 30+ years of artistic creations and worldly travel have afforded this home details and high-end
amenities you will not discover elsewhere. Indefinitely wild, with the serenity of the running tides
Salacia will leave you longing to return to your seaside home.



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19 Tropical Drive  |  Ocean Ridge, Florida